Allies and Initiatives

CfJJ understands that big system change can't happen alone. That's why we partner with and support a variety of initiatives that bring people together to tackle the toughest problems. CfJJ currently convenes the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Reform Coalition, made up of organizations from across the Commonwealth and is a member of the National Juvenile Justice Network, a membership-led organization that supports and enhances the work of state-based juvenile justice advocates across the United States. CfJJ recently launched the Diversion Network, an initiative to directly engage youth, parents, and grassroots service providers in designing and advocating for community-based approaches to holding youth accountable. CfJJ is also a member of the Massachusetts Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Leadership Forum, as well as the host organization for its staff. 

To find out more about joining our Coalition or getting involved, please contact our Deputy Director, Sana Fadel, at