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 Action Alert


October 22nd at 1 pm
State House, Room A-1

The Massachusetts Judiciary committee will hold a public hearing to help them decide if they should advance or defeat the Raise the Age bill for this session.  You can read more about this bill here.

You can show your support in different ways:

ACTION 1: Attend the public hearing in support of H.3420/S.825

Share your opinion with the committee by submitting a letter or speaking to the committee directly:

  • In person: If you would like to share your experience with the committee in person, we recommend you arrive early to sign up early.  There will be a long wait.  Please contact CfJJ if you plan to attend so we may help coordinate you testifying with others.

  • Send a letter: You can also submit a letter to the committee in support of this bill.  Make sure to include the bill numbers (H.3420/S.825) in your letter.  Mail your letter to: The Joint Committee on the Judiciary, The State House, Room 136, Boston MA 02133. You can see a sample letter with talking points here.

Action 2: Contact Your Legislators

Call your representative and senator and ask them to support the bill at the public hearing.

Step 1: Find Your State Representative and State Senator here.

Step 2: Find out if your Representative or Senator is among the supporters of this bill here. If your representative or senator is among the supporters, please make sure to thank them for co-sponsoring this bill.

Step 3: Choose if you’d like to contact by email or my phone

By Phone: Call the State House Switchboard at 617-722-2000 and ask to be connected to your State Representative or State Senator’s office.

By Email:

To: email format for your State Representative ( and State Senator (

Subject: “Support Raise the Age bill H.3420/S.825”

Sample Script:

Hi my name is .............................. and I am a constituent of the Representative (or Senator).

I am calling to ask that the Representative (or Senator) support H.3420 and S.825. These bills will improve community safety and advance positive outcomes for high-school aged teens.  As a constituent, I feel very strongly that teenagers should not be tried automatically as adults.  Today, we spend the most on incarcerating young people in adult prisons and jails with the worst outcomes.  I ask that the Representative (or Senator) recommend to the Judiciary committee to report out H.3420 and S.825 favorably.  These bills would end the automatic prosecution of 18 to 20 year olds as adults. The recidivism rate of teens in the juvenile system is less than half of that of young people automatically prosecuted as adults.

[your full name and home address]