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Justice for Kids: Keeping kids on the right side of the law




Contact your Legislators

 “An act to promote transparency, best practices and better outcomes for children and communities” (SD.1243/H.3299) is the focus of our Justice for Kids campaign that would ensure that Massachusetts’ juvenile justice system is fair and effective.  This omnibus legislation encompasses issues that include:

Step 1: Find Your State Representative and State Senator here. Your state legislators will be listed under “District Representatives”

Step 2: Call the State House Switchboard at 617-722-2000 and ask to be connected to your State Representative or State Senator’s office and ask to speak with the legislative aid working on juvenile justice issues.

Step 3: Sample Script:


Hi, my name is __________. I am a constituent of Representative/Senator ________ and I live in        (city)       .  I support juvenile justice reforms proposed in Senate Docket 1243 and House Docket 3299 and I would like Representative/Senator ________ to co-sponsor these bills. These bills would ensure that the juvenile justice system is fair and effective and I support all the reforms proposed in these bills. [Choose one or two talking points below to emphasize your support].


Do you think the Representative/Senator could support this bill?

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me about this bill. 


A printable version of this Legislative Tip Sheet can be found here.

More detailed talking points on the issues can be found here.


Invite CfJJ to present to your members.

CfJJ staff will happily meet with your members for a presentation or training on CfJJ's legislative priorities. See our contact information below.


Invite your organization to endorse the campaign

The Massachusetts Coalition for Juvenile Justice Reform, is a statewide coalition convened by Citizens for Juvenile Justice. Please join us and the 40 organizational members of this coalition to advocate for a fair and effective juvenile justice system.




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