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Arrested Futures | Spring 2012

Students in Massachusetts are being handcuffed, booked, and sent to court for behavior once handled by schools and parents, including swearing, slamming doors or banging lockers, failing to follow directions, or being disruptive in hallways, according to a groundbreaking report by Citizens for Juvenile Justice in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts and the Racial Justice Program of the ACLU's National Legal Department
The report, Arrested Futures: The Criminalization of School Discipline in Massachusetts's Three Largest School Districts, examines school-based arrests in Massachusetts' three largest school districts - Boston, Springfield and Worcester - and evaluates which students are being arrested and why. The report finds that in all three districts, arrests for disruptive but otherwise relatively minor misbehavior made up the majority or a substantial percentage of all school-based arrests.
Other major findings of the report include:

These findings are an important addition to existing research examining the "school-to-prison pipeline," showing that students are being frequently arrested for minor, disruptive behavior that could be better addressed by school administrators, particularly in school districts that rely heavily on police officers in their schools.

For a copy of the complete report, click HERE.

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